I Got You Collection

“I Got You!”-Big Mack

On July 6, 2014, a young man by the name of Marcus McIntosh was killed in a fatal car accident. “Big Mack” as he was called by most, was known for being a helping, caring and kind young man. Shortly after he was killed, his closest friends held a fundraiser for his family and sold wristbands that said “I Got You”- Big Mack on them.

After the fundraiser, those same friends delivered the remaining wristbands to his mother, Camille Woods, a social worker at Ypsilanti High School at the time. Ms. Woods placed those wristbands in a basket on her desk, all the while trying to find a way to make sense out of the tragedy of her son’s loss.
Students that came to see Ms. Woods, began to ask her about the wristbands and request one. It was then the idea came to Ms. Woods, to ask the students to do an act of kindness, to not only earn the band, but to remember her son in the process.

On Earth Day, April of 2017 the project was launched with a school wide assembly.
Ms. Woods challenged students to complete 1,000 act of kindness over the next thirty days.
At the end of the thirty days, students not only met the goal of 1,000 acts but, exceeded it!
Students completed 2,755 acts of kindness!

On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2018, the second phase of the project began. This time the challenge extended beyond the student body to include parents, teachers, staff and other community members. All were asked to consider,
“How do you serve others?”
Students completed 2,525 acts of kindness.